Jean Taylor, Counsellor


Sometimes life gets hard. We can't possibly know everything, but we can always learn some new things.

I'm a listener, I'm also a talker when the time is right for it.

There are no rights and no wrongs, but our thoughts can trap us into misery; loss of peace of mind is torment for us.

When we're stuck and miserable with it, we need some good new ways handle things. We can battle for a long time trying to get the other person that we are right. It never works, but it can go on and on and on.

What does work is finding the ways to take control of ourselves, and that amount of control equals the amount of happiness we feel. True.

It's only when we can understand what we are doing that is promoting the ongoing situations that we can do anything about them.

When the bad things happen, we can feel distressed and really need someone to listen to our story. There is huge inner relief in being heard, and believed.