Jean Taylor, Counsellor

About me

I began my unending search for "what's life all about"; when I was at primary school. I can remember telling my mother that I "had to find the truth." Of course I didn't have a clue about what that meant or how I might start my journey but as a teenager I found a group that "did yoga." A rare thing in Liverpool in those days!

Part of each meeting was a session of meditation, I began to realise that how I thought made my life how it was, and it was not happy at that time. I didn't know how I might change how or what I thought, that came much later. But I investigated different religions and read the very tiny amount of literature that was around at time to do with what we now call Personal Development.

Over time I actually ran meditation classes. They proved to be popular and more of us were on some track of finding ourselves and taking ownership of ourselves. This has not ceased in the world, we are changing and our world is shifting and changing as a result.

I ran meditation classes in adult education; I took weekend workshops, had a slot on local BBC radio and gave talks. All great fun. I mixed with people who were as keen as me to find answers to the hugely unanswerable questions. They were on their own paths of discovery with kinesiology, reiki, shamanic practices, they were all kinds of "out there" people. Meantime, my own interests grew in the area of the inner world, the mind talk, how we perceive events, what parts we play in what goes on in our own world. Can we make our lives different by our attitudes and thought processes? My parents certainly didn't think so, their approach was: what happens happens and you deal with it how you always deal with it! Normally for them was with blame and anger.

Mine is so different now. I eagerly follow my own "ah ha" moments as I realise this and that. It's an adventure, being alive on planet earth and taking control of you. And then seeing what happens.

My aim in all my counselling is that people have happier lives. It is attainable, it really is.